The Evolution Of Gun Actions Essays

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Evolution of gun actions

There are many different types of actions still today when you take a look at firearms, some are inspired by an older design, whereas others are made with a completely new style. Some guns are made to look one way just for show while others are set up with a purpose to be used and some started with a purpose that is now forgotten and the design is just copied because people like the old design and feel the need to replicate it for style. (Supica) (Firearms history) The very first firearms every created really did not have names but they strongly resembled cannons because you had to load it through the barrel and lit a wick on the other end and wait until it fired. These were used for some time mainly used by two people because of the awkward loading and shooting lay out of the weapon. (Supica) (Firearms history) Following up on the dilemma of the cannons the matchlock was invented which gave the weapon a stock and a mechanical wick holder that would be moved into the flash pan by pulling the trigger. These were reliable for some time but then they found the faults like the wick not staying lit and that these could not be shot in the rain. They also discovered that depending on how far the wick was burnt the gun may not fire right away leaving the soldiers unaware of if the gun would fire and when. (Supica) (Firearms history) The next rifle solved some of these problems it was called the wheellock. It took advantage of the fact that you could…

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