The Evolution of Commercials, Toyota Prius Essay

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In today’s advertisements many different techniques are used to grab the attention of the audience. Ads in the newspaper and in magazines may seem bland to some readers. Large corporate tycoons tend to adhere to the use of television as the ideal form of communication. Psychologically, bright colors, motion, and sounds help to catch your attention and keep you alert on the product. Whether positive or negative, the commercial most likely has an impact on your view of the product. Marketing in commercials always targets a specific audience to purchase that service or product. Automobile advertisements have had some of the most creative and unique cinematic graphics. In one of the first ever hybrid vehicle commercials in 2004, the Toyota …show more content…
It seems almost as if an orchestra is responsible for the charming music of this commercial and it helps appeal to a large number of men and women who can appreciate the beauty of a mixture of fine instrumental music with cues of digital sounds. The music in both commercials gives the two clips a tone and while the 2004 commercial attracts a higher class of customers, the Prius “hum” commercial helps reel in a wider amount of people in the different socio-economic classes.
Informational content in car commercials is necessary. In the case of the “Hum” commercial, the words of the singer are the informational content. Words are rhymed and used in a creative way. This makes the highlights much easier to understand and digest. It seems as if anyone from an elder to a toddler could watch this commercial and gain some type of knowledge about the vehicle. There is no actual statistical numbers about the car itself but they make the car very easy to understand. Huge scholarly words aren’t used in this commercial, simple yet to the point vocabulary is preferred to get the message across and sell the product. The singer mentions that “there’s a Prius for everyone”, and also lightly touches on the subject of fuel efficiency and what different variations of the Prius are being introduced that year. In the case of the 2004 hybrid commercial, all of the information is passed to the viewer through a well-spoken male narrator. He

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