The Evolution Of China 's Economic Policy Essays

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In this paper the following subject will be outlined: ‘What are the effects that the opium war brought about to China’s social and economic Evolution?’.
We will start with describing China’s social and economic structure and the events that have led to the first Opium War in China followed by the second Opium War. After this we will take a look at the social and economic disruption these events have brought onto the Country.
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Course 1: The business Environment in China
Module: Be1
Code: Be12
Lecture title: The evolution of China’s economic policy
Lecturer: Fan Zhang Starting of the First Opium War

Under the system created by the Qing dynasty to help regulate trade in the 18th century, traders from Western countries had restrictions on how and where they could trade. The traders where only allowed to trade in the southern port of China like the port of Canton (Guangzhou). Western traders could only reside in the city itself (also limited, like only warehouses). Traders in China could not stay for more than a few months at a time and not bring family members over.
During this time, China was still a heavenly isolated country. Only licensed merchants from Western countries where allowed to trade with the government traders union called Cohong.

During this first period, the trade grew substantially every year. Tea exports from China grew from 92.000 pounds in 1700 to more than 2.7 million pounds in 1751. The other way around however the…

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