The Evil Force Of The Ward Essay

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Although not seeming like a savior from how his character was introduced into the story, Randy P. Mcmurphy quickly becomes a Christ-like figure who leads through selflessness and a willing sacrifice for the sake of his followers. Mcmurphy is described as the farthest thing from a savior by choosing to indulge in drinking, gambling, profanity, and sex. However, he is proven to be a selfless, good man who is in fact the savior for the ward patients (Foley 48) and faces off Nurse Ratched who symbolizes an evil force. For there to be a savior, two things are necessary: “those needing to be saved and a setting where evil is the dominating force” (Moot 1) and the ward had both these things. In this case the evil force is Nurse Ratched, the head nurse of the ward, who has been able to be the dominating force for so long only because there was no one strong enough to oppose her and win. The patients of the ward needed to be saved from this evil force because Nurse Ratched had dehumanized the patients and she stripped them of their freedom, happiness, and their individuality to the point where even though they did not trust her, they relied on her so much that they no longer felt safe leaving the ward. When first admitted into the hospital, every patient is forced to take an admissions shower. The admission shower “serves as a dark parody of baptism” (Foley 50). The admissions shower is a way of cleaning the patients, not just on a physical level but on a mental level in which the…

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