The Evil Dead Opening Scene Analysis

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The Evil Dead is one of the best horror films of all time. Its greatness due to a great original screenplay and directing. The film Evil Dead has a cult following and for good reason. It is highly praised by names like Stephen King.
Evil Dead was written and directed by Sam Raimi. It stars Bruce Campbell in the leading role as Ash Williams. The story is about a group of five college kids go who to a cabin in the woods for a vocation. Once there they find an audiotape that unleashes evil spirits. Then one by one, each one becomes a demon. This movie made use of unique camera angels. The director Sam Raimii shot angels that were unusual. They left me with feelings of uneasiness and also made me suspicious. I remember in one scene that the director made it seem like there was something lurking just outside looking through the windows. The super fast shots made it seem like the evil was fast approaching. However, you have no idea what the evil is and what they look like. Another scene that gave me the creeps is the scene when the clock chimes and that is when all the crazy starts. When Cheryl goes to investigate what that noise is, you just feel something evil is coming. I think the scene where the woods comes alive and is possessed by demons is truly original. The branches grapping and
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When possessed the characters become like zombies. Their features become deformed and gory. Once changed they have super human strength and it is impossible to stop them. Once possessed Cheryl pushes everyone around easily and begins attacking them. They have no choice but to lock her in the basement of the cabin in the middle of the living room. The blood spills in this movie are huge because the only to stop these possessed zombies like creatures is to chop them up. At the end when the bodies are, decomposing is really nasty and disgusting. Slowly, at the end the bodies rot to nothing with howling screams. I can see why this movie was banned for

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