The Evil Ballet: Von Rothbart's Swan Lake

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Kaylea Erwin

Von Rothbart’s evil spell

Swan Lake ballet happened to be Tchaikovsky’s first ballet that he had ever done, and which is turned out to be one awesome ballet. Swan Lake was a timeless and outstanding story that has magic, romance, and tragedy all into four different acts of the show. Prince Siegfried was the swan princess who was named Odette. Odette enjoyed her days as a swan swimming by the lake that was full of tears under the spell of sorcerer. As it is in most fairy tail stories, the couple fell in love very fast, and things were not easy, it seemed like sorcerer had more tricks to play against them. Siegfried and Odette ended up being together after all the confusion and forgiveness. As I stated in the first paragraph
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As Siegfried was sitting there watching the swans swim by he spotted what seemed to be the most beautiful girl and she had a crown on the swans head. Soon his friends started to show up and he did not let them stay he ordered them to leave so he could be there by himself. As he continued to sit there and it started to become dusk, the swan that caught his eye slowly turned into to be the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. The swan that was a queen, and her name was Odette. Odette had to tell the young price about the evil sorcerer, who happened to be Von Rothbart, who was playing out to be Prince Siegfried’s mentor. Rothbart was the one that had turned her and all of the other girls into swans. The tears of their parents formed the lake that they were swimming in, because they were weeping. The prince ended up being left in the Swan Lake all alone due to evil sorcerer interrupting him when he was about to confess his love for …show more content…
As he is standing there with all of the other princesses all he wanted to think about was about Odette. Although his mother had commanded him to choose a bride quickly he could not, so instead he decided to make his mom happy by dancing with all of them. While he is dancing with all of them, the trumpet soon announced that Von Rothbart had just been welcomed. Von Rothbart had brought his daughter with him, who he had casted a spell on so she would appear as Odette. So since her thinking that she was Odette amazed the prince, he then confessed his love for her and proposed to her. As Odette was watching the whole entire time, she then flees her way into there, and Prince Siegfried saw her running and then finally realized his mistake and what Rothbart had done once again. Prince Siegfried left from the party with Odette after he had seen what Rothbart had

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