The Evidence Of Popularization By Linkin Park Essay

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The Evidences of Popularization On October 7th, 2016, Sum41 released their new album, 13 Voices. Because of the fact that It’s been 5 years from the last single ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ releasement, many rock fans were excited all over the world. However, When Sum41 posted some of new songs on U-TUBE, some critics and fans pointed out that there are less elements that indicate Sum41’s particular features in their new songs, and their comprehensive impression is pretty similar to Linkin park’s songs which is famous for Transformer series’ sound tracks. It seems there would be some specific elements which have inspired Sum41 in some ways.

1. The First appearance of Emotional Rock.

In 2000, when Sum41 released EP, ‘Half hour of power’, it was a period in which meaning of music changed. Lots of pop musicians, such as Britney spears and Backstreet Boys, whose songs were recorded with full of virtual instruments and addictive melodies caught people’s attention while previous generation of music was based on real instruments, and melody was complexed. Since people were exposed to such addictive sounds, rock music which was represented as band music had to be altered. As such, bands which wanted to keep rock spirit but wanted to be survived tried to deal with pop culture, as a result of it, Alternative rock genres, such as, Emotional rock (Emo Rock), Modern rock and Pop punk was appeared.
Due to this background, Sum41’s first album ‘Half hour of power’ is not really…

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