The Everyday Life Of Financial Analyst Essay

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The day in the life of financial analyst can be very grueling and exhausting or enjoyable and exciting. Being a financial analyst takes a lot schooling and training if being one of the well paid employees is desired. At times the job can be very demanding and can be very time consuming but, the nice crisp pay at the end of the pay period makes it worth hassle involved. The everyday life of a financial analyst can be either the greatest with a feeling of accomplishment and or worst day of your life with a feeling or failure. Financial analysts must have a bachelor’s degree usually in accounting, economics or finance. Having a MBA which is a masters in Business Administration is often required or masters in finance is also accepted. Having good awareness about bond values, options pricing and risk management is very important as well. Being licensed is not required before starting the job, but once hired, it is expected for an employee to receive his or her license from the FINRA. Having a Certification is recommended and helps in advancement in the field. The CFA certification can be achieved by having a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of experience, and passing the three exams. (Bonk1)
Analyst usually start in a specific investment field. As they gain experience they often have the opportunity to become a portfolio managers which oversee a team of analyst and the investments of a companies or clients’ portfolios. Being a fund manager is also possibility but that achieved many…

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