Essay on The Everyday Foundations Of Health

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What are the everyday foundations of health, that should be the basics of wellness?

Did you know that there are 5 key items that you , should never be without...

Yes , this is before work, gym , and competitive activities. You don 't know; Let me enlighten you that statistics say that 90 percent of Americans do not get their daily essential minerals and vitamins, out of there everyday diet alone, so don 't be hard on yourself...

So again what are those 5 you should never run out of...


2. 5xs purified Triple Strength Fish Oil
(3000 mg omega-3 ) Daily

3. Probiotic at least 50 - 100 billion cfus

4. Super Digestive Enzymes 391gm complex

5. Proper Protein for gaining ,maintaining, or loading weight...

First off number 1 , why because I 'm sure there are some of you who say I want everything natural, the sceptical mindset of course, but that means you may be eating 7-10 a day on perfect schedule. Which also means you never are any particular fast food, only water , no microwave food, no hybrid vegetables , no gmo
Vegetables, and all proper PH- balanced foods.. and your food is only grown from soil that is allowed to rest at least 2 years. So that all nutrients and minerals can return to the soil,
Then I believe you can receive everything you need naturally, but if not then you must support what it is impossible so called organic food just because there are no sprays around, just my opinion. A…

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