The Events That Influenced My Life And Shaped Who I Am Essay

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“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”(Maya Angelou). Everyone has some events that helped make who they are today. People experience these events at different stages in their life. One event in my life that helped shape who I am as a person today is when I moved houses in fifth grade. As most little kids are when they are told they are moving, I was not happy. I was perfectly content with our house and I did not understand why we had to move. What I did not realize when I was 7 or 8, was that good things could come from moving. Even though it sounded like a bad idea at first, moving houses created a chain of events that positively influenced my life and shaped who I am today.
My parents started talking about moving when I was probably in first grade. I did not really want to move because I am not fond of trying new things or change and moving to a new house is a big change. The thing that I did not like the most was probably the fact that if I did not like the house, I could not just move back into our old one. But since it was not my decision, I had to move. I remember driving around for hours with my parents when they wanted to look at the appearance of houses that are for sale. They would often go to open houses to see what the inside was like. The next year, my parents bought a house that was unfinished. It was never completed because the people who were previously building the house ran out of money so they had to sell…

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