The Events Leading For A Better Life Essay

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The Events Leading to a Better Life
After Graduation in 1985 I have enlisted to the United States Army 12 day after I received my diploma and all the accolades’ from my family I shipped out to begin my life as an independent adult. The day my journey to the United States began to become a soldier. My mother was crying and my father was in the line waiting with my bags at baggage check-in at Guam International Airport. I am the first in my family to leave the little rock called Guam. I was 17 years old, and I am the third child of five, four sons and a daughter from a fire chief at the northern villages of my island.
On a plane going to the mainland, the trip had three legs and it was my first plane ride in my life, I was both excited and nervous. The first leg was headed to Hawaii International Airport this part of the trip was approximately seven hours in the air, and surprisingly I did not get sick. I gained two more days with a layover on the island of Oahu, Hawaii; this is where I met Takahashi and Lane two recruits in the all island platoon going to train with me. I had the pleasure of meeting these two guys off to the side during the farewell ceremony, the three of us had no one saying goodbye to us at the ceremony so we immediately had something in common. Later the three of us became friends during our training, and I shared both the misery and the pain of army life. The three of us were just a bunch of boys ready to become men and start out our army…

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