The Events I Attended Were ' Let 's Make Our Public Schools Great Again ' And ' Nycore Conference

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The two events I attended were “Let’s make our public schools great again” and “Nycore conference 2016”. “Let’s make our public schools great again” had workshops on early childhood education, reducing the focus on tests, reducing class sizes and more. The workshop that intrigued me the most was “Reducing focus on tests”, which essentially was about helping students relieve the pressure of these standardized tests by opting out. The schools do not make it clear that students are allowed to opt out of state tests. Most parents do not even know that children can opt out. The New York State tests begin in the third grade, when most writing and reading skills are not strong for third graders, there is so much pressure. Only public school students are obligated to take these tests. Many parents spoke up about how their children have been opting out of these tests for a few years and they have not seen any long term effects. Children who opt out of these tests still have to do the work that the other kids do for the test. These tests have not seen to be effective towards the development of the children’s education, it is reserved to privatize schools and gain real estate market. Using up school time to study for these pointless tests has become a way of children losing out on a quality education.
I learned in this workshop that children have the option to not take these standardized tests and students would no longer suffer. It is an eye opener to meet people who believe that…

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