Essay The Event Of The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games have always been a popular event around the world. Even in the ancient world, spectators from different parts of Greece would travel to Olympia to watch the games. Considering the spectators’ reasons for attending the event and what they got out of the games, the sporting aspect, the cultural and religious aspect and also the aspect of practicality, I agree that the ancient spectators’ experience of the Olympic Games was different from that of a modern spectator, but I would not say it was “completely different”.
First and foremost, most spectators of the modern games go for the sporting aspect of the games. People from different countries set out to support individual athletes, their respective countries, or both – “Seeing an athlete perform their best…” was what they want from the games. A sense of pride also comes along with being an Olympic spectator – they can boast about having seen history made and records broken first-hand as opposed to watching it on live broadcasts. As the Olympic is such a massive sporting festival, it is inevitable merchants and vendors would go to the games to make business, such as selling merchandise of popular athletes. Women are also allowed to watch the games, implying that the modern spectators would come into contact with a larger variety of people of the world. The cultural exchange, however, will be limited due to language barrier. Therefore, the social aspect is not their priority.
In ancient times, the Olympic…

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