Essay on The Evangelism Of Future Ministry

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Evangelism in Future Ministry The future of my ministry revolves around pastoring a local congregation. With that said, evangelism and multiplication must and will be an integral part of my ministry. I, first of all, must model effective evangelism. Secondly, I must create an evangelistic culture within the church so that every disciple of Christ is engaged in evangelistic efforts. My first efforts will be to continue growth in my own personal life. The principles that were taught in this class could very easily go “in one ear and out the other.” These next few weeks and months are critical in order to ensure this content becomes a lifestyle and not just a lesson learned once upon a time.
There are several areas that I must initially bring attention to. I know that I struggle with a lack of awareness to the people and environment around me. One of my goals is to move beyond selective listening and move into attentive listening on a routine basis. However, I cannot stop with just attentive listening. At selective moments, as we learned, I must move forward to empathetic listening. Empathetic listening is listening with my heart. It is empathetic listening that will create opportunities for evangelism. If I am willing to engage with my heart into a conversation, a sinner may be more apt to hear what I have to say about the gospel. I rush here and there ignoring the potential evangelistic conversations I could have with people around me. I recall a time just a few weeks…

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