The Evangelical Movement Essay examples

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Being part of the evangelical movement and trying to embrace their religion took it’s toile on many southern women. Southern women were expected to be moral caregivers. They were responsible for bringing family members closer to God and often carried a large burden when their husband’s or children rejected the faith or fell short. Some mother even believed that if they loved their children too much or “made them into idols,” God would let their children die. Women’s spiritual authority often set them up for great disappointment with flashes of satisfaction in their family lives. Mother’s also felt obligated to make sure their husband and children were properly and appropriately taken care of, especially when it came to religious matters. Mother’s took great pride in making sure their children’s attire was new and fresh for church services. Mother’s had a responsibility to their children. Evangelical mothers were expected to exert total authority over their children, teach them to be obedient, and punish children in a moderate tone. Women within the church often comforted one another and felt as if they were the only ones who understood one another. Women were often taught not to seek counsel from men because “they didn’t understand their problems anyway.” One woman taught in Bible study "do not cast your jewels before them” basically referring to the men of the church as pigs.
Unlike the older married women whom were trying to both embrace their religion and keep…

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