The Euthanasia And The Duty Of Die Essay

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Part A: One of the moral issues in the reading that I found challenging and transformed is the Euthanasia and the Duty to Die. This issue is very difficult for me due to the fact of seeing love ones suffer with a terminally illness that seem hopeless. In the reading, it states that the term Euthanasia is killing someone for the sake of mercy (148). I cannot see myself killing someone for the sake of having mercy on him or her, having mercy on someone for me is too helping him or her not to harm. So it someone is starving and unable to feed himself or herself am I supposed to kill them for the sake of mercy? Take the many victim of West Africa that are dying every day, hoping that that someone will find a cure for this deadly disease. I know that many people may wish at times, that the pain would end. Seeing the hurt and suffering of a love one beg or ask their maker to take them, if there is no relief in sight; can be very devastating I think more on a family member than the one that is suffer. I believe that many times we struggle to let go, due to our own fears. I shudder at the thought of taking part of killing someone, let alone one of my love ones. To me this is such a hideous crime against nature and humanity. Any medical professional that would take part is the act, either through lethal injection or written prescription, to me is contributing to murder. Medical professional are to serve citizen in a way that will help them to live a life that will…

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