The European Union Essay

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Democratic Deficit The plurality of Eurosceptic people argue that the European Union has a democratic deficient and I believe they are correct. The EU is fairly removed from individual nation-state governments and lack of accountability results in the loss member-state soverignty (Coughlan 2004). A democratic deficit refers the involvement of citizens in decision-making, and it is a foundational part of a legitimate government (Follesdal and Hix 2006). As discussed earlier, EU law is precedent over nation law. An added issue on top of my last point is that those responsible for creating and imposing EU law are the European Commission and the European Court of Justice. However, none of these members are directly elected as by EU citizens. Citizens have never voted or given mandate over laws that affect their country 's parliament (Follesdal and Hix 2006) Members of EU institutions, by and large, greet the transfer of nation state law to EU law with open arms (Coughlan 2004). The continuous transfer of legislation to the supranational level decreases individual state sovereignty because it gives foreign ministers the ability too pass laws applicable to all member-states (Follesdal and Hix 2006). There is a reduction of individual state power because each state is left accountable to supranational law makers in Brussels that work behind closed doors. Member-states own parliaments and peoples power is reduced because they do not get to decide who makes laws. From my point of…

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