The European Union And Its Achievements Essay

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The European Union was founded in 1957, governing common economic, social and security policies of its member states. Although ideas for a united Europe have been around for centuries, the goal of the EU is to unite Europe peacefully. The EU first found success as an organization helping countries recover after WWII, by stimulating their economy and increasing the standard of living, as well as the reconciliation of historic enemies. Due to its continued irrefutable achievements, the European Union has been a success as an international organization. This paper will support the EU’s success by examining its monumental and innovative achievements in bringing peace and stability, democracy and human rights, in addition to stabilization and growth in the economy.
Perhaps the most considerable achievement of the European Union, is its success in bringing peace and stability in Europe. Following the devastating effects of the armed conflicts in the early 20th century (most notably WWI and WWII), the need for a new Europe was obvious. The key to the EU’s success in attaining peace, is its role in creating positive diplomatic relationships between nations that have historically been enemies. The most significant example is the relationship between France and Germany. These two nations fought three wars over a seventy-year period, culminating in the second world war. The process of achieving peace was first outlined by establishing mutual confidence, a strategy that lead to the…

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