The European Settlers Of North America Irreversibly Changed The Way Of Native Americans

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The European settlers of North America irreversibly changed the way Native Americans lived. These settlers brought different ideologies, convictions, religion and diseases, to the Indigenous peoples. There were frequent clashes between the settlers and the Natives over land rights and usage, religious and cultural differences, and, especially, broken treaties (Calloway 3). Some tribes embraced the new ideas and began to incorporate them into their own culture, while other tribes rejected them entirely (Calloway 4). It is not possible to understand the history of the United States without acknowledging the “very long history, cultural diversity, and enduring presence of America’s indigenous peoples (Calloway iii). They were the ones that first shaped the North American continent and, then, shaped the histories of the European colonists and their descendants. The Americans created the conditions in which the Native peoples could only respond violently. Then, they defined them as savage and barbarian, and used that as justification for the genocide they inflicted upon them (Calloway 311). Although Americans persistently attempted to rid the Native Americans of their cultural heritage, even going as far as committing genocide, it is impossible to tell the history of the United States accurately without the Indigenous people because, without them, it is purely mythology; “it is as if it never happened” (Calloway iii). Stereotypes are created when the image of an individual or a…

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