Essay on The European Initial Scramble Of Africa

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The issues of the European initial scramble of Africa still peaks historians interest today. It is understood that the initial scramble for Africa was a tremendous surge of European imperialism. From the mid-1800s to the early 1900s European powers had rule over Africa. European powers divided Africa up amongst each other without consent of the African citizens and without any knowledge of the continent they took over. “Many of the early explorers of Africa were geographers and scientists who were beckoned by the mysteries and exotic qualities of this new land”(pg.101, Khapoya). Europeans realized how many riches Africa had, which peaked their interest and caused them to colonize the continent. The purpose of colonialism is to extend one nation’s sovereignty over territory beyond the borders by establishing colonies or dependencies in which indigenous populations are directly ruled or displaced. European powers pursued their goals by developing cash crop agriculture systems, building trade networks to boost the economic output of a land to the colonizers, and increasing the commodity trading system. The imperialism and initial scramble for Africa by the Europeans disrupted the natural development of Africa’s economic system.
Prior to Europeans colonizing Africa, the continent was well off and actually doing very well in their trade businesses. African countries had already been exposed to trade beginning from ancient times. “Early human populations in Sub-Saharan Africa…

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