The European Experience Of Wwi Essay examples

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The European experience of WWI was a unique and different because it was the first war that really brought the whole entire world on every single front. WWI was a new and unique experience because it was very devastating from the trench warfare on the west, constant moving warfare in eastern Europe, propaganda, and the effects the war had on the world through its many fronts. The thesis of rites of spring says a crucial movement in modern history and consciousness. Eksteins main argument consist of new war techniques, cultural change, and death.

World War One is explained by Eksteins as war that brings us into modern age changing the world and the way we think about war forever. Eksteins states some gruesome stories of World War one some not true they were just used for propaganda. For example “ the British were encouraged to believe that Germans caused the skulls of Belgian and French babies with their jackboots, the kaiser was personally involved in torturing three year olds in satanic rituals, and corpses were recycled in Germany” Chapter 7 page 235 (1). This kind of propaganda effort was lead by churchmen, educators, and the press to get people to join the front lines. This effort made the world a figment of imagination rather than imagination being a figment of the world this is said by Modris Eksteins. Propaganda was very important during this time because both the central powers and the triple entente needed troops on the front lines. The western front…

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