The European Domination Happens All Around The World Essay

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The European domination happens all around the world. Especially in Asian places, European domination happens obviously. The European domination happens because of historical and modern factors. In the side of historical factors, the wars between Asian countries and European countries, the results of post-wars, and the different developments of societies in Asian and European countries directly caused the European domination in the world. On the other hand, in the side of modern factors, the discursive models of Asian, the partial media, and the privileged policies to European from governments are also causing the European domination and maintaining it until nowadays. Overall, there are historical and modern factors that causing the European domination all around the world, especially in Asian places. First, in Opium War, China was defeated by European country British and requested to sign the humiliating Treaty of Nanking. In this event, China lost its political independence as it cannot use its Chinese Law to punish the criminal Europeans in China. For example, as what we discussed in lecture, if a British raped a Chinese girl in China, he will be charged based on British Law and punished in British. The criminals, therefore, may escape from the Chinese punishment that they deserve. As a result, Europeans became dominative group and bold to do anything such as commit crime in China. The European domination emerged not only because of China losing its political…

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