The European Capital Of Culture Essay

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Cities become increasingly alike in their physical characteristics and have transformed to host a variety of events. As stated by Lash and Urry 1994 (Palmer & Richards, 2010) a growth via the economy has aided culture by consuming the city which has led to cities calling themselves an eventful city. This trend can be seen in cultural capitals such as Dubai, Edinburgh and Seoul etc. The competition be European capital of culture also emphasises the idea on how fierce competition to be genuinely eventful has developed. The onset of the idea was conceived in 1983, by Melina Mercouri, who at the time was Greek Minister of Culture (City Mayors, n.d). Mercouri believed that culture was not given the same attention as politics and economics plus a project for promoting European cultures within the member states should be pursued. As of 2014 Riga in Latvia and Umea in Sweden have been crowned this year’s nominees (Umea,2014)
Events have become a key focus to eliminate many of the hindering problems in which cities want to instigate. They generate media attraction, attract tourist to help support the economy, increase cultural participation and lastly help in regeneration plans. Unlike big major investments, events are cheaper to host as they are more flexible and themes can be changed on a yearly basis. Hence these benefits will make cities invest large sums of money to increase brand image. This essay will discuss why contemporary cities are increasingly keen to develop their…

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