The Eugenics And Human Genetic Engineering Essay

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During the Second World War, Nazi Germany was the first to implement a large scale practice of eugenics, the science of tailoring the human race with selective breeding achieved through the sterilization of unfit humans. The Nazi’s horrific actions, including their attempt to eliminate the entirety of the Jewish population, prompted immense backlash against eugenics in the war’s aftermath and began the controversial discussion against human manipulation of genetic makeup (Eugenics, 2006). This is relative to the current public debate over the ethicality of human genetic engineering because often times the distinction between eugenics and human genetic engineering is lost. Genetic testing, the fundamental base of human genetic engineering, was created to help identify and prevent the early onset of various genetic diseases; however, unintended consequences have risen from this supposedly beneficial preemptive action including the potential psychological harm of those being tested as well as discrimination in the work field.
Diagnostic testing allows at risk individuals or potential carriers to determine whether or not they will develop a certain genetic condition before they even begin to show signs of any symptoms of that genetic condition. This is an appealing choice for individuals who are at risk for diseases that have preventative measures or treatments as well as people who might carry genes that have a high risk in passing them along to their children (citation).…

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