The Ethics Of Utilitarianism By Utilitarianism Essay

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Midterm Exam 1

1. Minimum conception of morality is the effort to guide one’s conduct by reason while giving equal weight to interests of others who will be affected. A conscientious moral agent is someone who is concerned impartially with the interest of others or by what they do. 2. In Utilitarianism in order to be deserving our moral consideration, all that matters is that a being can experience happiness or unhappiness.

The criticism that Utilitarianism is too demanding is base on the argument that Utilitarianism demands too much from us since Utilitarianism is alway about creating more happiness over unhappiness. We would give away all of our money because there’ll always be people who are less happy than we are. As Rachel states, we might first sacrifice our movie experience to create more happiness, than the trend will continue and we will deprive ourselves of all our possessions. The criticism that Utilitarianism may disrupt of personal relationships is based on the argument that Utilitarianism demands us to treat everyone equally. So a father is require to feed the homeless just as much as he is required to feed his children. This creates a problem where Utilitarianism may disrupt our relationships.
The difference between active and passive euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is thought to withhold medical treatment and allow a patient to die, while active euthanasia is intentionally causing death of patient who is experiencing suffering to…

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