The Ethics Of The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Essay

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First response paper Kantian ethics applied to the Volkswagen emissions
The Volkswagen emissions scandal is a series of choices made by the company and the people employed by Volkswagen to install a "cheat" button to alter the amount of emissions produced only under testing situations. Ordinarily all vehicles on the road that run off of gasoline have a set about of CO2 and other harmful emissions produced by the burning of gasoline. Violation of these rules can result in fines and recalls. Due to an increased attention on car companies to fight global warming and air pollution a number of emissions has lowered in the over the year for tighter regulation on the amount of CO2 produced. Consequently this reduction in the amount of CO2 produced is the source of the scandal. This change my come across as minor however, what VW did is create a program that would make it appear that their cars were within the regulated range of CO2 production, but only when the car is being tested for the amount of emissions it produces.
To review how the VW’s scandal interacts with Kantian ethics it’s important to understand how Kantian ethics work. We begin with want if an act is to be of moral value, then the person of rational being must take their will and perfectly align it with their own personal duty. Put less nebulously, your will is your desire to do something, and your duty is the act of carrying out that will. Kant has a method to see if your will aligns with your duty. Think of Kant’s…

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