Essay on The Ethics Of The Noble Cause Corruption

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The beginning of a slide into corruption, sometimes begins with the thought of “I am doing this for the greater good.” The end justifies the means is also a phrase that comes to mind. These phrases are the beginning of the reasoning behind the Noble Cause Corruption mentality.

The Noble Cause corruption is the use of illegal or unethical means to achieve perceived “positive,” gains. In an law enforcement context, the removal of a notorious or known drug dealer by either fabricating evidence or forced confession. The interesting thing about Noble Cause Corruption is that there are two schools of thought that have risen to this explain why anyone in the service of others would use Noble Cause corruption. I believe that the Police One article most accurately describes the two schools of thought.
“The Deontological Ethical System;
The deontological ethical system is grounded in the belief that how and why you do something is more important than the result(s) your behavior produces.
If your actions are inherently good, then it doesn’t matter what the outcome is — your conduct is ethically sound. Likewise, if your actions are inherently bad, then it doesn’t matter what the outcome is — your conduct is ethically wrong.
For example, while on patrol you come across a group of juveniles throwing snowballs at passing cars in the street. Pulling over, you confront the kids and explain to them the dangers of their actions. The juveniles, in turn, are apologetic and promise to…

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