The Ethics Of The Nfl Essay

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The NFL has been the center of many ethical controversies. Many of these controversies come to the forefront of media outlets around the time of the Super Bowl. Advertisements that air during the Super Bowl have been associated with many of these Super Bowl related controversies. Many companies have even been known to produce advertisements specifically for the reason of creating a situation in which their ads will disrupt the normal family oriented flow of the Super Bowl. The choice and responsibility of either rejecting or accepting these ads can be a difficult decision for the person or persons in charge of it. The ethical weight it carries is huge and many different ethical aspects and decisions have to be made when determining if they are safe to be aired or not. The first ad that will be discussed is by “” (2015). This advertisement is a montage of video featuring football players putting on pads and getting ready to play. There are captions that read such things as “Suspended for substance abuse” and “Deactivate for domestic violence”. This ad was rejected because it came following a very difficult year for the NFL. That year was full of incidences involving domestic violence and substance abuse among athletes. In regards to this ad, the decision to not air it was most likely made by the NFL and not their sponsors. The advertisement promotes the NHL, which is one reason it was most likely chosen to be thrown out, and the second was the bad…

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