The Ethics Of The Human Services Field Essay

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In the many years that I have been a counselor and working in the human services field, I have taken many ethics courses. Some for the purposes to get my degree and others for continuing education credits. I can honestly say that this is the first time that the course has actually challenged my way of thinking. I started this course with my initial self-evaluation journal stating that I try not to be prejudice and how I was raised. I now believe that I am not prejudice by any means. I may be judgmental at times to things that I do not understand but I am far from prejudice or racist. I believe that I am very open minded and not nearly as judgmental as others. I must admit I asked some of my family members about some of the discussion board questions. For instance, the one about if my marriage was not legal. Most of them initially started to answer the question, stating the fact that they believe that the government could not make that rule. I then reminded them that they did it with homosexual people. I could not believe my ears; they were all like, oh yeah but that is because it is wrong. I started to spew off all kinds of things that I learned about the LGBT community. At one point, my father stopped me to ask what LGBT met.
At that point, I realized that I had changed. I have learned a lot about myself and my feelings towards prejudice and discrimination. I have learned that I vote for the “under dog” every time. I believe that no matter the person they deserve a chance…

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