The Ethics Of The Human Resource Office Essay

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Every organization has their own set of rules, guidelines, values, and procedure on how they want to manage their business. However, organizations question the importance of ethical coding. Are they beneficial to the corporation? Can they help raise and bring in profits? Or does it have the potential to cause risk to the corporation? This topic has been very controversial for many businesses. Eric Krell believes building true corporate ethics is achievable as long as the organization enforces it precisely with ethics audits. Greg Young and David S. Hasler believe that enforcing ethical codes is not the way to go, in comparison to using Enterprise Risk Management ERM.
Eric Krell recommends ethics audits aside ethical codes to form a good corporation with good employees. Parallel to creating codes of conduct that are valuable to both the firm and the people working within the firm. He finds that, “one of the major corporate goals of the human resource office is to build true corporate ethics.” (Taking Sides. page 50) Businesses should continue to enforce guidelines and set boundaries to help the corporation benefit but also have a human resource manage actively managing the employees. Human resource managers have the capacity to focus on performance reviews and analyze problems. They also are able to differentiate if a problem is developing or is being looked passed; being allowed. Ethical audits are beneficial to a company if it is being used frequently;…

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