The Ethics Of The Health Care Field Is Running Smoothly By Planning, Directing, And Coordinating Health Services

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Health Service Administrators are the healthcare providers behind the scenes that ensure that the health care field is running smoothly by planning, directing, and coordinating health services. The job description includes overseeing medical operations, organizing operations, and the financial aspects of healthcare. They also obtain careers in educating the community on healthcare and medical aspects, providing safety during emergencies and public threats. Just as many healthcare providers’, health service administrators are seen as leaders, coordinators, and facilitators. Their work affects patients, families, and the community as a whole. Being in the healthcare profession and possessing certain responsibilities must be held to very high standards of conduct. At times these professionals may face dilemmas where ethics and laws must be used to determine the appropriate response.
Ethic can be defined as a set of principles to govern right and wrong conduct using moral values in regard to the behavior of individuals in relationship to certain social roles according to Pozgar (2013, p.3). In order to behave ethically an individual must possess morality and characteristics such as honesty, respectfulness, and integrity to name a few. These are fundamental elements that help ensure ethical behavior. Further description of proper behavior is described through a code of conduct that defines duties and responsibilities of these professional. Health administrators are responsible…

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