The Ethics Of The American Academy Of Pediatrics Essay

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Based on my right to conscientious objection as described on the American Academy of Pediatrics, I hereby wish to uphold the above subject as I view it to would lead to infringement on my religious morals. Health care professionals have a duty to their clients or patients to offer them medical solutions to their problems although they may object to particular medical practices. This would lead them to refuse to provide or cooperate in the provision of these interventions. When integrity and nurse patient relationship is taken into account according to article titled Integrity by M. Yeo and P. Rodney nurses would experience conflict between their respect for patient’s autonomy and their own autonomy. This could easily happen if the patient wants something that they otherwise believe is inappropriate.
Conscientious objections implies scenario where health care professionals refuse to administer or initiate some medical practices due to moral concerns. Conscientious objections are normally not made on medical grounds but mostly on moral religious or political beliefs. In this case the scenario links as the practitioner refuses to administer contraceptives to the young lady due to religious reasons as he feels that doing so would go contrary to his belief. The case scenarios is of Ms. R is an 18 year-old high school graduate who is about to leave for college. She speaks of the intent to begin taking daily hormonal contraception, as she anticipates becoming sexually active. The…

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