The Ethics Of Social Science Research Essay

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Social science researchers need to consider how their presence may have an impact on the research being conducted. Additionally, to achieve ethical practices a selection of variables should be examined. Sieber (1993) has defined the term ‘ethics’ as “a set of moral principles and rules of conduct” and has stated that in research it can be applied to prevent harm or misconduct to participants. Furthermore, age and ethnicity are two important variables that should be recognised when social science research has been undertaken.
Health and medical issues relevant to children remains partial without the child’s perspective. However, ethical practices often require to gain parental consent before research is implemented on persons under age of 18. This could influence the child’s confidentiality due to the parents’ involvement, as the children may be asked about their response and feel obligated to answer. A potential concern is children’s views are not always desired. Additionally, outcome methods may rely solely on adult annotations and interpretation of results (Alderson, 2004; Masson, 2004). Nevertheless, a possible solution could be children to collaborate as peer researchers. Reporting back the initial findings to focus groups for analysis reduces the risk of adult analyses distorting findings (Coyne, 2010; Thomas & O’Kane, 1998). Modifications in communication should be considered when undertaking social research. Engaging in research through observation, interviews…

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