Essay on The Ethics Of Sexual Disclosure

1416 Words Nov 26th, 2014 null Page
The idea around this research paper is the concept of sexual disclosure, that being revealing information about one’s self and history to any current partners they may have. The main rationale as to why this topic is so important and how it was chosen is due to the North American society that we live in. It is seen almost always in society through media and culture that the “hook-up” scene is promoted heavily among young adults (e.g. bars, clubs, online-dating sites, bathhouses, washrooms). This issue is quite significant as many times the few minutes that it takes to divulge their sexual status and prepare any necessary STI countermeasures are skipped, resulting in the infection being exposed to more people.
As such, this paper will be discussing the societal implication around why one would choose not to disclose their medical status in a sexual setting. A particular focus will be on those people living with HIV and how their interactions with sexual partners have been affected by legal systems and societal stigma. It will be argued that the legal system does not help people, but instead serves to promote a hetero-normative ideal which alienates those who do not subscribe to the notion of heterosexuality and monogamy. It will also be argued that a better alternative to HIV prevention is proper sex education on safe sex practices and the infection itself to prevent unnecessary stigma to those living with HIV. The research presented in the paper will be analyzed through an…

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