The Ethics Of Safety Risk Essay

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I think, the way reports can be properly made are have some management team which have trusting relation with the employees and employees feel safe with them and are comfortable with team they are working, and by doing this could help them reports any issues to supervisor. By reporting any issues can help the companies and avoid human conflict which are disagreement, and argument. Also, I think no shouldn 't be uncomfortable when reporting issues which they have seen to report to their supervisor, and avoid any big issues happening in the company and save some lives. Also, the organization need to win the trust of all representatives. And, keeping the confidential information in the organization, and information is safe and have safety. No should be punished for something they haven 't done, and sometime problem can give insight what is causing, and which can help the prevent the issues to happen.
There many companies who select safety enforcer to get the report analyze and gathers the information of safety risk which has happened. If any incidents have occurred the safety person should have the capacity to ask the authoritative or natural conditions. In order to reports any dangers, the safety official should distinguish how this can be considerate of human mistake. Also, the person working safety hazards should be trained and organized.
I think, the all senior administration to make guarantee and totally strengthen with the safety, and have capability of risk management.…

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