The Ethics Of Management ( Section 5.2 ) Essay

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What I found most significant to me in Chapter 2 was the importance of ethics in management (Section 5.2). I believe that managers should set a positive example for their employees. Sadly, I have witnessed first-hand that not all managers have the same values as I do. On several occasions, I have observed what I consider to be unethical behavior. And even though it was not the blatant type that most people think of, such as embezzlement, fraud, or falsifying company records, I still feel that it was unethical.

Some people believe that if a manager behaves in an unethical manner, his or her employees may be less inclined to behave ethically. Perhaps that is true for some employees. However, I am not one of them. If anything, I think my experiences have made me strive to be much more ethical than those I have worked with in the past. With that said, I have included a couple of examples that I feel constitute unethical behavior.

On occasion, a manager in another department at my previous employer would say that she had some “company errands” to run and would disappear for a couple of hours in the middle of the workday. This happened at least once a week. Afterward, she would make it a point to tell her staff that she had not taken a lunch break that day and would leave an hour early. This went on for quite some time. However, one day when she went out to run these “errands”, I happened to be on my lunch break when I witnessed her shopping at a local department store. I…

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