Essay about The Ethics Of Human Cloning

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Throughout time, technology has been increasing; with these technological advances, new opportunities are gained and are being developed. One of these new technologies that has really opened up opportunities to people is cloning, but more specifically, human cloning. Human cloning is the process of taking the genetic sequence from a human being, who is or once was alive, and transferring it into an embryo. The clone embryo is allowed to grow, and is then placed into a uterus where it grows until it is born. This process creates an entirely new human being; However, due to: ethical issues, laws, and high risk probabilities, there have been no actual human beings created through cloning. Though the science behind this idea in humans is relatively new and progressing, the idea itself has been around for some time. Through reflection, we can see a few examples of cloning that have already occurred in other animals or in the media. The Article “Cloning: How Far we’ve Come And How Far we’re Capable of Going” infor,sd that in 1996, Dolly the sheep was the first documented incident of a mammal being cloned.(Dovey). From then on, animals have been cloned and end out living practically normal lives. Even though it has been proven that animals can be cloned successfully, humans still have yet to be cloned. The furthest step that has been taken to cloning humans is when human embryos were cloned as early as 2001. Scientists have proven relatively successful in this endeavor, however…

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