The Ethics Of Healthcare Administrators Essay

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This paper is about the Ethics of Healthcare Administrators and why being a leader and following the rules so other can follow you is an important part of being an administrator. With this job field being a wide range of why people would pick this career over others, there is so may answers to this question. I am here to talk about the experiences of Healthcare administrators and what ethical practices are being used and why. Finally why I feel like being a healthcare administrator. I am here to talk about my mother’s friend that is a Nursing Healthcare Administrator. She is Carol Mayers, she is responsible for managing the nursing staff, managing medical records, training, maintaining supplies, providing the at most highest quality of nursing care, and finally scheduling shifts when needed. She is a fine healthcare administrator I can tell by how well her staffs respected her when I visited her. When I went to her asking for an interview she replied to me in a hysterical manor, “Are you here finally to take my job.” Whiling passing by one of her employees replied back to her “make sure you take all your stuff on your way out”. She then said yelling as the employee was walking away smiling “It’s ok I’ll just teach him to be just like me and his mom”. At that time I just asked her if she had time for me to talk to her. She of course did not at that time, and then she paused for a min checking her phone. She then lifted her head looking at me saying “why not come to my house…

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