Essay about The Ethics Of Health Care Reform

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When it comes to health care the most important part is treating the patient and health care providers should be wanting to give their patients the best care possible. Patients have the right to govern their own body, autonomy, to choice which course of action they will take for their health (Paola, F.,, 2010). Legally and ethically it is important to make sure the patient understands not only what they are being treated for but also how they are being treated ("The Ethics of Health Care Reform: Issues in Emergency",2014). However, In America there is an issue with health literacy- low comprehension about medical treatment and medication ("Institute of Medicine", 2012). Low health literacy can make it difficult for patients to read signs in a hospital, read the pre-treatment forms, health insurance forms and even prescription bottles ("Institute of Medicine", 2012). This is due to the low reading level of an average American- 8th grade- and many Americans have broken English skills. Though many Americans have low reading skills, the forms given by doctors do explain enough information to the patient to make an informed decision about their health. It is important to assess how much information a patient need to truly an informed consent decision (video 1). Giving the patient too much un-need medical terminology can make them more confused and scared. On the other hand, if the health care provider does not give enough information that leave an area of uncertainty and…

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