Essay on The Ethics Of Good Ethics

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When considering this process of ethics, it is important to keep in mind that it is one thing to have ethics (everyone has ethics), but it is another thing to develop good ethics. This statement reflects on current ethical standards. The practice and relaxed punishment of poor ethics is currently being imitated. Society’s acceptance of poor ethics has followed Skinner’s automatic process stage. Consistent practice of good ethics today is no longer considered automatic, but uncommon. Due to the intense speed and demands of today’s leaders, reflection is forgotten because of lack of time. The reflection step must be reinstated in the ethical process for good leadership to develop. These specific results are obtained by a life full of observation and imitation. It is important to remember ethics can be good or bad. If a person observes a life of vices, they are more likely to imitate these actions than use virtues that have been absent throughout their life. This process stresses the importance of ethics not only in work life, but also in personal life. The children we raise today will become the leaders of tomorrow. How we act today will strongly affect how they act tomorrow. This theory stems from the saying “actions speak louder than words.” Observation is a much stronger technique than verbal emphasis. Many leaders today say one thing, but act in other ways. This is not effective or ethical. If society wants ethics to improve, we must not only speak, but also act ethically.…

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