The Ethics Of Genetic Engineering Essay examples

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We are who we are because it is who we are meant to be, or are we? An ever growing topic in our country and health care systems is human genetic engineering, and how ethical or unethical it may be. The ranging sides of the ethical spectrum pretty simply has two parts: God vs. Science. Although, these two things are not as they may seem. An opinion of genetic engineering may be that it is unethical and defended by a belief in God’s will, or it may be defended by a scientific aspect. To give the topic a definition, genetic engineering is defined as the process of altering the DNA in an organism’s genome. Frequently it is also known as making a “designer baby”, this originates from parents choosing what qualities they would like their babies to have through genetic modification. From my personal standpoint, I find the idea of designing your child to be unethical and unreasonable. Three of the most widely known positives of genetic engineering are tackling and defeating diseases, getting rid of illnesses in young and unborn children, and the potential to live longer. Some of the most deadly and difficult diseases in the world, that have so resisted destruction, could be wiped out by the use of genetic engineering. There are a number of genetic mutations that humans can suffer from that will probably never be ended, unless we take the initiative to intervene and genetically engineer the next generation to withstand these problems. For instance, Cystic Fibrosis, a progressive…

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