The Ethics Of Football Concussions Essay

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Football Concussions A lot of great football players have many memories, but some of them they cannot remember. Due to so many people losing their memory 5,000 has sued the NFL for not protecting the players. Some players have even retired at a young age, anywhere from 27 to 31. The average football player retires anywhere from 35 to 37. Around 79% of football players get concussions. There are so many concussions in football today and there is so many ways they can be prevented.
There now are so many foundations and research projects to help prevent this many concussions from happening. Even the NFL has made more rules to help protect the players. Such as the no targeting rule, which means that no player can aim for the person’s head purpose. If this rule is broke not only will you be ejected from the game but off the field you will be fined by the NFL. The NFL granted 1 million dollars to concussion research. This project has raised over 50 million dollars. After all the money they have raised I think that more people have got help with concussions than in years past.
To prevent some people from suing the NFL they have asked some players to sign waivers. All this waiver states is that the NFL will not be responsible for any injuries that happen will or when done playing the game. The NFL has taken several steps to reduce the amount of concussions suffered by players. First, the NFL is increasing the caution they take among the players of the dangers of getting…

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