Essay on The Ethics Of An Administrator

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As the CEO, of a 100-bed locally owned hospital, I reviewed proposes of cost-saving measures, of closing the Hospital’s Emergency Department from 10:00pm until 6:00 am. The first, thing I would ask myself, “Do I have all the facts” Am I being fair to all involved?” I decided this was not a good cost saving strategy to even consider to measure, because the community should have an emergency department, and the residents should hot have to drive 50 miles to another facility. As a result, we need to restructure the staffing faculty utilized during the night hours. Unfortunately, this involves levels of change, and equity for employees and the community. As an administrator, I applied theorist Kant, to my decisions making, because will not be based on profits, legal mandates nor pleasing stakeholders. Therefore, categorical imperatives will be used, the ED should be open 24-hours, and this is the ethical thing to do for the community. Aristotle philosophy, of ethics is focused on how people can achieve the highest level of virtue. His view was not about discussion; it was about the decisions made and the actions taken as amoral person (Morrison, 2015). Besides, morally to even to consider for someone to drive 50 miles for emergency care, could put other at risk. For example, an individual could be speeding on the highway in efforts to receive emergency care, an accident could bound to happen due to speeding. At the same time, ethics are seen by obeying law and the rights and…

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