Essay about The Ethics Of A White Collar Crime

1339 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Every community has criminal activities that occur, some simple street crime, others homicide, yet many crimes that occur behind close door have business fraud or corporate negligence that can have more devastating results from their actions upon a community, a corporation, even stock holders nationwide. Some steal pennies, while others out right take everything. Corporate fraud, a white collar crime has been legally dissected and evaluated for years. The use of corporate guidelines and government regulations has always been embedded into corporate legalities and business plans. The more modern concern is the safeguards and protocols set in place for corporations have many “Catch 22’s” that in one way remove ethics from the corporate decision on one side of the line or the other. Whether it be upholding the Thompson Memorandums requirements (full disclosure or corporate proceedings), or to withhold viable information from the government to protect employee/client rights in some instances, which many corporations offer corporate legal services to all employees. The acts that occur in many white collar crime cases have many struggles providing evidence for prosecution. The main part is most evidence in these crimes are not physical evidence per say, many are data files, or emails. Many times white collar crimes are done through impersonal means to attempt to remove the interactions for the offender’s daily life and thus remove the criminal act from their actions. Federal…

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