The Ethics Of A Registered Nurse Essay

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Become a part of the health care field can be a gratifying experience, but choosing what part of the field to work at can be a challenge. In my case, I choose to become a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse has several roles, such as, administering medication, assisting with surgery, dressing wounds, taking blood pressure, supervising other health care professionals, and even performing physical exams on patients (Research, 2006). In addition to performing all these tasks a Registered Nurse must follow the code of ethics that is provided by the health care system. In this case, the code of ethics includes, providing safe, compassionate, skilled and ethical care, encouraging health and well-being of patients, supporting and respecting informed decision-making, preserving dignity, maintaining discretion and confidentiality, and being responsible for once actions (Association, 2008). These rules were made to protect the patients and health care professionals from any harm, including lawsuits.
In order to become a Registered Nurse one must go through an accredited school of nursing. In the State of Florida, there are numerous school that offers this kind of program and each with their own enrollment requirements and tuition cost. For example, University of Miami requires students to have an average GPA of 3.7 to be considered and it is about 40,000.00 dollars for the current 55 credited program (Miami, 2015). In the other hand, Miami Dade College requires student to have a…

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