The Ethics Of A Fraternity On Campus Essay

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Joining a fraternity on campus is something that many college freshmen look forward to, and it should be a time of comradery and fun. Unfortunately, the hazing process can be something that turns from fun to dangerous quickly, and if your young adult couldn’t get out they may not be suffering.
Has your young adult returned home from college because they were the victim of fraternity hazing that went too far, or now their grades and mental and physical health are suffering because of the pledging process? Where they hospitalized because of substance abuse or other types of abuse, and you want to get justice for the actions that are negatively affecting your young adult’s life?
There are several types of abuse that your young adult may have endured when they were going through the hazing process, and they shouldn’t have to suffer just because they wanted to be active on campus and wanted to fit in. Here are a few of the types of abuse that you’ll want to document for your lawyer when you meet to discuss the case.
Drug or Alcohol Abuse
Forcing pledges to drink in access or take illegal substances is something that can occur during fraternity hazing, and this process can be fatal. If your young adult ended up in the hospital or with an addiction because of the hazing, you want the community to be aware of what happened. There are many substances your college student could have been forced to use frequently, including:
• Alcohol
• Narcotic pain killers
• Prescription…

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