The Ethics Of A Chemical Spill Essay

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In this discussion I will analyze a situation in which a chemical spill occurred and it was large enough that it is required that the incident is reported to the state. I will discuss what I believe the correct actions are and I will also consider different people groups who follow different ethical theories. The first person perspective is that of a member of the state 's environmental protection agency following the ethical theory of rights ethics. The next is the CEO of the company that made the spill following duty ethics. After that I will discuss the viewpoint of an attorney of the company that made the spill who handle environmental affairs following rights ethics. Next would be other industries faced with similar environmental problems following utilitarianism. And lastly I will look at members of the community whose health may be adversely affected if the company that spilled the chemicals and other industries do not responsibly handle environmental problems taking the ethical viewpoint of virtue ethics. But first let’s begin with my own path. If I were to discover that my company caused a huge chemical spill I would report it. It is quite simple really. According to my own morals it would be right to report such an incident. This is the hardest thing to do. Another factor that would affect my decision would be the fact that I value our environment. It is after all the place in which we live and caring for it is important for the community 's health. If after making…

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