The Ethics And Legality Of Abortion Essay

1415 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
Over the past years, one issue has consistently polarized politicians and the American nation at large. The source of said tension, even manifestations and riots, has been the ethics and legality of abortion. As the nation becomes divided in their defense or attack of Planned Parenthood, the women that benefit from preventive services become forgotten—whether they currently have adequate access to preventable services must examined before making any political decision regarding women’s health. As many women struggle to afford or gain access to preventive services—especially those preventing sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or improving maternal health—they may feel frustrated at their individual inability to overcome barriers. Yet, these personal struggles with sexual health, something often stigmatized and culturally secretive, do not stand alone and instead fall into a national trend of staggering disparities. The arguments in this paper seek to provide compelling evidence that shows the nation must concentrate on individual populations and their sexual health, not letting the argument of the legality of abortion overtake the sexual health discourse which must also include the horrendous disparities in resources and health outcomes which result in high maternal and infant mortality. This piece illuminates the reality of health for women of color in the United States by determining the impact of contemporary declining social capital on access to preventive services…

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