Essay on The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

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Article: “Discussing Animal Rights and Animal Research in the Classroom” by Harold A. Herzog

(96)I.Research Question

The research question posited by Herzog (1990) is based on the ethical treatment of animals in terms of experimental psychology. Herzog (1990) states this question based on animal rights advocates that want to stop animal experimentation in clinical settings: “This article briefly reviews two major philosophical positions held by animal activists in their arguments against the scientific use of animals” (p.90). The subject of the ethical treatment of animals will be utilized to create a forum for healthy debate between students in a classroom setting.


Herzog’s (1990) study seeks to understand the different views of animal rights advocacy in terms of animal experimentation, which has been questioned in the use of animals in experimental psychology. More so, Herzog (1990) attempts to recreate an “ethical committee” with classroom students in order to test their application of ethics in terms of animal testing in a laboratory setting: “”The exercise described here is designed to facilitate thinking on these issues by having students make decisions” (p.91). In this manner, Herzog does not attempt to find a “right or wrong” answer to these ethical debates, but to challenge the critical thinking processes of the student in the classroom.


Herzog (199) chose to use 150 students from five different classes to participate in the…

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