The Ethical Treatment Of Animal Testing Essay

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Animal Testing According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), over 100 million animals are killed every year in the United States only for educational purposes and for testing potential medicines and products. Although animals have been the subject of experiments since the 300 B. C, it was in the nineteenth century that those experiments became widespread (Orlans 3). With the dissemination of this phenomenon, the popular conscience grew and became a worldwide issue (Orlans 3). Nowadays, animals are used to test medicines that can cure human diseases, but also are used to understand and prevent some of those diseases such as cancer or heart problems. Additionally, some companies use animals to test products, such as toothpaste or deodorant, to know the effects that can have in humans and make them less harmful. The most common animals that are used are mice, rats or guinea pigs; however, scientists also use cats, dogs or monkeys in their experiments. All these facts have created a divided society but, despite the opposing views, animal testing is unethical and unreliable and other methods should be used. Lately, the ethics of these experiments have been questioned and the tests have been named as cruel and inhumane. It has been proven by many scientists that humans are not the only animals who can feel pain, anxiety, fear, stress or any other emotion because those perceptions have allowed spices to survive by making dangerous experiences unpleasant,…

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